Random chunks of code loosely cobbled together and “released” for anyone to use. Let me know if you find bugs or would like to see new features. Hopefully something here will prove useful to someone. I’ll try to only release software which is useful and of at least semi-decent quality. =)


  • Mirf v1.01 [.tgz] [.zip]

    Small update – added an example showing how to read a register off of the Nordic chip.

  • Mirf v1.0 [.tgz] [.zip]

    This is a remake of the Mirf library found here. Cleaned up the code a little, fixed some bugs, improved the examples. See the top of mirf.cpp for details. I am using this library extensively, so as I debug and improve it, I will continue posting updates here.

  • StatusLED v1.0 [.tgz] [.zip]

    A very simple, but useful library to abstract away the annoying process of blinking status LEDs. Does not use delays. Create the StatusLED objects towards the top of your file ( outside any functions so it’s global ), as: StatusLED variablename(pin)Then, just put a call to run in your loop function:
    void loop() {
    Now you can call variablename.pulse( duration )to just pulse the LED on once for duration milliseconds or variablename.blink( cycle )to blink the led continuously, on for cycle milliseconds, then off for cycle milliseconds. I use this library in almost every project because it makes it super easy to provide feedback. Example code included in the archive.