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Milone Technologies

Posted in Electronics on September 25th, 2009 by nisburgh – Be the first to comment

Lately, I’ve been looking into products to assist in tracking fluid levels within water storage tanks.  After reviewing all of the various products available out there, I had settled into the idea that an ultrasonic rangefinder would be the best option.  Lo and behold, Milone Technologies recently launched and their product, the E-Tape continuous fluid level sensor, measures fluid level by linearly varying resistance on the tape.

E-Tape, by Milone Technologies

E-Tape, by Milone Technologies

I spoke with the founder, Chris, and it seems in about 6 months they will have manufacturing ready to produce E-Tape in the 6′ to 8′ range ( currently the product is offered at about a 14″ length ).  The exciting part about their product is the price.  Unofficially, Chris said he was expecting a 6′-8′ strip to cost under $50.  Compare that with the $105 IP67 rated transducer I was considering from MaxBotix!