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Git: A cause for changing your SCM tool

Posted in Software on April 18th, 2010 by nisburgh – Be the first to comment

I’m generally one of those people that doesn’t feel the need to fix something that ain’t broke.  So when all of this hooplah about Git hit the programming scene a while ago, I didn’t feel obligated to jump on board.  I had been using Subversion quite happily for years, and CVS before that.  SVN did what I needed, and worked well for me since I ran a remote, secured repository which I backed up hourly.

A friend recommended I look into Git, and I did.  I looked at the website, read the tutorial, and simply could not figure out why I should switch my Source Code Management system.  It felt like change for the sake of change, and I am not a fan of that idea.

Enter: Hg Init – The Mercurial Tutorial.  Here was a very well written tutorial and explanation as to why you should make the move to Mercurial ( which is very similar to Git ).  Give it a read, you’ll see what I mean.  I know I’ll be switching soon.