Fresh Toys!!


Deceptively small box

My first order from Sparkfun came in!

Here’s the box, surprisingly not damaged in shipping! Congrats, Fed-Ex!



More importantly, here’s what was in the box!


  1. Mikal Hart says:

    Hi Nathan–

    I saw from your forum tag that you hail from Austin (me too!), so I thought I’d look you up. I’m glad to see that your first Sparkfun order arrived safely. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of joy seeing those little red boxes arrive regularly in the mail. I know it always cheers me when one appears amongst all the other junk.

    You might be interested to know that we’re going to talk a little about Arduino at the next “Dorkbot” meeting this Thursday up at Cafe Mundi. Come if you can:

    Welcome to Arduino-land!

    Mikal Hart

  2. nisburgh says:

    Yes, the little red boxes are quite the bundle of joy. ;) Thank you for the welcome and the invite! I will definitely try to be there Thursday!


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