My kinda racing

This looks absolutely awesome!

I think I might try and enter one year..  =)


  1. dave says:

    I just happened upon your Web site from a comment over on, so pardon if this is random.

    Anyway, a few friends of mine have a car that they race in some Lemons races on the West Coast here – I just returned from watching them race at the Thunder Hill racetrack in Willows, CA. Just a note that you should definitely check it out, if not as a participant, just to watch the race! It’s a riot – there were all sorts of cars duct-taped together enough to race, from a dodge caravan painted as the mystery machine to a Geo Metro with a CBR 900 motorcycle engine in it.


    • nisburgh says:

      That is awesome! It sounds like the race is exactly what I pictured. I will definitely try and get out there, if anything just to watch. Though some day I’ve got to compete. Thanks for the note!

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