New Pet!

Meet Spike, the newest pet in the family!

Red-Eyed Devil grasshopper

This is Spike.

Spike was found crawling around our courtyard.  Actually, she was crawling up the glass door, getting away from our cats.

After a bit of research, it turns out that Spike is a pretty neat grasshopper. She is a Red-Eyed Devil, fairly common for this area. Thank you to Dr. Chris Sansone with Texas A&M Entomology for identification and links.

Here are a couple more shots to see her coloring a bit better, and get an idea of size.  The hand is my 10 year old daughter’s.

Red-Eyed Devil

You can actually see her breathing!

Red-Eyed Devil

About 5" from head to tip of ovipositor.

Anyhow, the best part, and most unique thing about this grasshopper?  She’s carnivorous!

Red-Eyed Devil eating

Nom nom nom..

Red-Eyed Devil eating


Red-Eyed Devil eating


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